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Things to Know About Secant Piles

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Secant piles are constructed to have intersection between piles. Usual practice is that alternative piles are constructed along the wall and then leave a clear space of which is very little under diameter of the required piles that are there as intermediates. The exact spacing is usually determined by construction tolerances that are easily achieved. These piles that are placed initially need not have to be constructed to same depth like that of intermediate piles that follow as per the way in which walls are reinforced and designed.

Concrete us added and then before it is set completely set holes are drilled intermediately so through a parallel but a bit offset lines so that holes cut to the first piles. Intermediate piles are usually placed through heavy casing that has got cutting edged which is toothed and which also makes the casing to cut inside concrete of initial piles on both side. When concreting is done subsequently then it can result in a wall that is normal. The concrete that is used for secant pile usually come with the property of slowly setting as it can really make it possible for cutting one pile to another in much easier way.


Applications for secant pile wall

Secant walls are usually utilized for transfer vertical, lateral or both the kinds of the load through weak layers of soil to the bearing layer that is very suitable. They can easily be drilled in various kinds of the configurations that can form a wall which is interlocking and watertight. It may also be providing with structural overlapping wall. These kinds of walls are mainly used for the purpose of transfer of foundation load and also with the earth retention systems. They are usually made used with subway structures,cofferdams, top-down tunnel and also land based structures in which the surface soil do not have the capacity for bearing the load. They are also utilized much with the structures related with marine and also dames.

secant piling is a most economical method that can be used for controlling water effectively for building the structural walls, dams and also top down tunnel. They are the finest solution in such construction where dewatering and water tables are creating issues. There are so many varieties of drilling techniques which can be used for constructing overlapping concrete cylinders through the saturated rock soil which extend below the water seepage.

Method for Secant Piles

Secant piling can be done either by making use of simple drilling techniques or with the usage of CFA techniques. The secant piles include reinforced primary piles and also secondary piles. The secondary piles can easily overlap primary piles and primary piles can act as concrete lagging. Reinforcement that is associated with the secondary piles comes with rebar cages and also steel beams. The diameter of secant piles can come to such a way that it can be in a distance of 30 inches. This can make the piles overlap each other which is what is the requirement.