Facts You Should Know About CFA Piles

CFA piles are the ones which are much popular for around 50 years in North America since it was introduced in the place. These are the pile types which are considered cheaper compared to the alternatives available in the market. It is possible for achieving much higher production rates by making use of proper designing, planning, experienced personal and also efficient equipment. These piles are easily available in various diameters that include 0.9 m,.75m,0.6m,0.45 m and 0.3m. These are the piles which can be considered to depths to an excess of about 30 meters. It is always good for considering to buy such kind of an equipment for your purpose so that things can really become much easier for you.

CFA Equipment

CFA equipment is the one that comprises of various things which are really necessary for making CFA piles. There are certain things that can really make things much better for you. The first equipment that you need to have is a base machine which has got swinging, hanging or fixed lead associated with it. It is also necessary to have an auger drive unit which is usually hydraulic. This should come with adequate power for advancing CFA to the depth that you need with less amount of decompression to surrounding soil. It is always good for making use of such equipments so that things can really work well for you. CFA with the required diameter and length that have got auger cutting heads equipped in it can be suitable for the material to be penetrated. If you are going to make use of continuous flight augers then it is necessary for you to make use of the equipments.


Installation Process

Continuous flight auger piles are usually formed by the process of drilling continuous flight auger to the ground. Both the sides of the piles are usually supported by auger that is filled with soil. This makes it easy to do the pile and also there is no necessity for using temporary casing or betonite slurry. When the pile is made with the necessary depth then the concrete or sand cement grout can be pumped to the hollow stem as this auger can be withdrawn steadily. Reinforcement is usually done immediately when the auger is withdrawn.

The settlement behavior and also the bearing capacity that is associated with these retaining walls is usually influenced to a larger extend by the experience of operator and also the equipment that is used for making the pile. The major issues that are associated with this pile is when the importance of these two aspects are overlooked or underestimated by the people during design phase. It is necessary to consider this as they do play major role for performance of the CFA piles. There are many possibilities for the individuals to have the best possible piles if they are able to consider these aspects well and make the pile as per the requirement.