Further Processes of CFA piles

Casting of the Shaft and Pile Base

When the auger reached the necessary depth then it is necessary to eject temporary plug from hollow stem which is actually meant for preventing soil to enter the hole. It is possible to easily accomplish this by lifting the auger slightly and then injecting concrete. This is the time when soil decompression is something unavoidable and is also found as a common practice to reinsert rotating auger when concrete is made injected. This is the method that minimizes to some of the degree of the decompression at bottom of pile but quantitative effect is that difficult for assessing. There are chances for the individuals to easily make things better. There are chances for the individuals to easily make use of the things so that it can minimize the degree of auger. There are chances for this to easily make the piles to come in good form.

Once when grout head gets establishes then extraction starts at a rate that is consistent with the grout supply. Positive rotation of auger is required for retaining drilling spoil and for ensuring that grout can fill in the whole cross section of the secant pile wall. The grout pressure need to be high enough and auger need not be extracted in much faster pace. If it happens fast then it can lead to a pile shaft that is soil contaminated as the drilling soil may enter to the grout that is freshly placed.


Placing Reinforcement

With the diameter there is a small stem which cannot be commonly used. It can be reinforcement that has got installed after auger and it has been withdrawn. It can be used when concrete or grout is the one with still fluid. It is something that is soil decompression that is unavoidable. It is good to reinsert rotating auger when concrete gets injected. This is the method that can be used for minimizing the compression to some degree at bottom of pile but the quantitative effect with it is really difficult for assessing.

Placing the longer reinforcement cage to uncased hole can pose so many practical problems and it can even lead to contamination of concrete shaft with soil that is eroded. It is very important to ensure that cage is stiff and is welded properly. It is something necessary for overcoming the problem related with the proper placement of reinforcement. Augers that has got larger stem are used and then the reinforcement can be installed inside before auger is extracted.


CFA pile is a pile that comes under the category of non displacement. This makes this pile pose very less risk for damaging the adjacent foundations and also underground utilities from ground displacement. It is possible for installing these piles with less noise or vibration. A major factor that is associated with the CFA piles is the usage of some flow meter that is reliable for monitoring and also recording while process associated with the construction of this kind of piling. The major items recorded include injection pressure, uplift using placing, concrete supply per increment etc.